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John Michael Cooper

Helping to make unheard music part of our world


The Basics

Phone 940-595-1809 (c)



Address Southwestern University

Music Department, P.O. Box 770

Georgetown, TX 78626


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I'm a musician. I'm a teacher. I'm a scholar. I have a passion for social justice. I believe that the most important thing we can do -- for ourselves, our understanding of who we are, our history, our future -- is to learn music and understand how it serves as a lens into the world that produces it and a lens into who we are. Music is the key to understanding ourselves in all the diverse beauty and complexity of the human condition. And it is the key to making our world a better world.


The most important thing, though? That is to learn the music that we do not already know -- the musical voices that others are not already telling us to listen to, the voices and works that have been erased from our collective history.

That's why I edit music -- why in my teaching, my scholarship, and most of what I do I emphasize composers and works that have been lost or neglected, works that are forgotten, composers we need to know. I access manuscripts and early editions, then I commit them to print in source-critical modern editions that performers can read. (That background image up above? It's a selection of the source-critical editions I've published.)


It's why I constantly teach and help others to explore connections -- connections across history, among cultures, among disciplines and sub-disciplines. I collaborate, I teach, and do everything in my power to help others enrich their own lives through music.


On this website's pages, check out the things I've done so far -- then reach out to me and let me know how we can work together to make great things happen through music. I'll look forward to hearing from you!

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